New Car Sales Show the Reality of High Oil Prices – As Expected – Cars Article

Thankfully, new car sales in the United States are starting to rebound. That’s good news for General Motors, Chrysler, Ford, and also the Japanese automakers in our nation. It means jobs, and additional revenue, and it also shows up in the retail sales economic figures. It’s all good. Now then, let’s discuss a little bit about exactly what is selling, and perhaps what is not.There was an interesting article recently in NOLN – National Oil and Lube News (Industry Trade Journal) Online Only News – titled; “Consumers Choosing Smaller Engines,” which speaks to the reality of new car sales and the high cost of oil. Obviously, this is significantly affecting the automobile industry as suspected. The article cites several rather telling statistics which are very telling such as;”In 2007, four-cylinder models represented 23 percent of Chevrolet retail sales in the United States, less than either V6- or V8-equipped models. So far this year that number has increased to 46 percent, making fuel-efficient four-cylinder engines the top choice for most consumers.”Okay so, that is an increase of double for fuel efficient vehicles, and that’s somewhat unprecedented. No, I doubt if you are very surprised that people are now buying smaller cars, but it could be a significant problem for those car dealerships which have larger cars in their inventory, while everyone else is coming to the dealership looking for four-cylinder cars that get very good gas mileage, and were once considered basic, standard, and from point A to point B automobiles, not much good for anything else.Today, however they are hot selling ticket and a good many individuals don’t care to look at V6 or V8 SUVs, muscle cars, or luxury cars with large engines inside the show room. They are looking for the basics, a car to get them around. Additionally, we should expect this trend to continue, just as we should expect the trend of higher oil prices, therefore higher gasoline prices in the United States. Now then, you would think that hybrid automobile sales would also be up substantially, and they are up a little bit, but nowhere near the demand for four-cylinder cars, or smaller compact cars begin good fuel mileage.Why is this you ask? Well, it should be obvious, many folks are still trying to save money, and the four-cylinder automobiles use less fuel, and they are a good $20-$25,000 cheaper than the basic hybrid car models. And I suppose, you don’t have to go very far than your own mirror, and ask yourself what would be the most prudent decision for you and your family, to see how everyone else is thinking about this issue. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.