Customer Impact on Internet Marketing

A recent debate about the future of Internet marketing in Tampa revealed a distinct division of opinion about who was best equipped to handle the marketing of businesses on the Web. One side argued that marketing was marketing, and as long as you had creative people with cutting edge advertising concepts, you were fine. A more vocal group argued that all of the traditional marketing know-how in the world wouldn’t help a Web site grow unless the marketers understood the unique complexities of the Internet and search engine optimization. The marketing gurus argued that many SEO specialists knew nothing about marketing, and knowing about keywords and Google rank was pointless if you didn’t know how to use them to entice customers.Internet Marketing’s Blend of Old and NewThe truth is, Internet marketing requires both traditional marketing ability and a real grasp of how search engines work and the distinctly different way people respond to a message on the Internet. What makes Internet marketing so different from more traditional media marketing such as television, radio and print? For one thing, the customers and even casual observers have far more immediate influence on the outcome of any Internet marketing campaign than they have ever had over more traditional forms of marketing.Public opinion has occasionally swayed the success or failure of a particular ad campaign in the past, usually through disapproval or protest. If a marketing campaign was considered offensive, some consumers might write letters or make a phone call to protest, but that was about as much influence as an individual had.The Impact of the Individual on Internet MarketingWith Internet marketing, individual Internet users can have a profound impact on a campaign both good and bad. Every individual who sees an Internet ad campaign or reads a content article that is part of a marketing ploy has the opportunity to comment on it, forward it or link it to another site. They can write a blog post that ridicules a particular marketing campaign, write an article praising it or link their own site to the original site to encourage others to check it out and judge for themselves. In short, Web sites to some degree lose control of an Internet marketing campaign as soon as it hits the Web.This loss of control isn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, many companies hope and pray for this kind of uncontrolled proliferation of comments, links and appraisals. Every unsolicited comment and link reinforces the notion that the company has something worth talking about or seeing. It’s the kind of publicity that wasn’t easily gained in the old days of direct mail marketing. How many times have you passed a direct mail flyer on to someone else? Now how many times have you forwarded an e-mail or sent someone the link to a great marketing page? If you’re like most people, you’re much more likely to forward via e-mail than you are to share some print mail.It’s this immediacy that requires a balance of skills. Classic marketing skills can create a really great campaign, but understanding the immediacy and ever-changing face of the Internet helps you control your campaign to a greater extent. Being aware of the possibilities of human response on the Internet can help you tailor a campaign that will garner the kinds of links and comments you’re looking for instead of being blind-sided by a rush of unexpected publicity.So what should you look for in an Internet Marketing team – a balance of traditional marketing skills and contemporary search engine optimizing talent. In Tampa, Internet marketing that balances these skills perfectly is offered by Webhead Interactive, a Florida based Internet Marketing firm specializing in bringing top notch advertising to the web.

How To Get Your Internet Marketing Business Started

Do you have an idea for an internet marketing business but aren’t sure how to set it up or make it successful? Or, do you want to make money on the internet but aren’t sure how? Have you ever wished that you could be one of the people that make their living from internet marketing?Starting a new online business or taking an existing business online can seem intimidating or overwhelming, but learning how to start an internet business doesn’t have to be complicated.Like everything else, if you make a plan and take it step by step, you’ll be up and running in no time.There are just some basic things that you need to consider and actions that you need to take, in order to create a successful online business:Find out if there is a market for your idea or product.Find your potential customers.
Build relationships.
Create your product.
Create your website.
Market your product.
Take the payments.These are the fundamental steps to successful online marketing and you’ll find lots of free information and how to’s on the internet in articles and forums, to help you put each step in place.Alternatively, you may be someone who likes to have all the information in one place and, again, you’ll find lots of offers for courses and guides on how to start your internet marketing business, on the web.One of these products, that I’ve recently reviewed. is the Internet Business Start Up Kit, which I’ll use as a basis for what you need to be looking for in a guide to internet marketing.The Internet Business Start Up Kit, produced by Neil Stafford and Neil Travers of KTS Publishing, is designed to be a one-stop source of information, resources and back-up needed to create your own internet marketing business from scratch and get sales coming in as quickly as posssible.The manual, reports, DVDs, CDs and online training facilities provided as part of the Kit and its Bonus sections take you through all the steps of creating an online business in a logical and easy to understand manner.Subjects covered include, market research, listbuilding, product creation, forming a website, copywriting, and marketing techniques. All set out with full details of what to do and how and when to do it.The information in the manual will enable anyone to:Find a viable market using the keyword search techniques provided.Learn the benefits of blogging and set up a blog quickly and easily to create a list of hungry customers.Discover where to find all the information needed to create a well researched and saleable product.Save time and set up a product website simply and without specialist knowledge, using the website templates provided.Easily write sales letters and email copy, without any copywriting experience, using the sales letter templates provided.Implement a marketing campaign using suitable techniques for your product.Set up the payment facilities for your online marketing business, and see the cash come flowing in.All this basic information required to get an internet business up and running is set out in the main printed manual, reinforced by the additional reports and presentations included, with further backup tutorials and advice available online.Particularly useful is the step by step manual, which is clear and comprehensive and set out in an easy to understand and logical manner, guiding the user through the various stages of creating their business and securing sales.Neil and Neil have given a wealth of information here, including links to sites and resources that they use themselves, in order to make the process even easier for the user.This is an important aspect because, although much of the basic information could probably be found by some extensive online searching, just the benefit of having it presented clearly and logically in one place, is well worth the modest outlay, even without all the additional training and backup facilities included.A part of the manual which deserves a special mention, is the section on creating your website and email campaign sales copy. Maybe a daunting task for most people, this is reduced to a simple fill-in-the-blanks exercise, using the proven and effective sales letter templates provided. Well worth having.In addition, it’s not necessary to be an expert webmaster to construct your website, as the Resource CD, which accompanies the manual, contains a wide choice of easy to use web templates and many other useful resouces, enabling a website to be set up, without extensive previous experience.Included with the kit is a trial Gold Membership of the Internet Marketing Review. An invaluable resource to anyone setting up or running an internet business.On the Internet Marketing Review site, there is a huge amount of useful information in the form of training videos and articles, giving even more advice on all the aspects of getting a business started and profitable, plus the latest tips from the two Neils about new ideas and what’s currently working for them.The Internet Marketing Review also has a very active members forum, a good place to meet up with and ask advice from other successful marketers, who are very friendly and keen to share what they know.It’s well worth checking out the public area of the Internet Marketing Review to see what’s available there.I do have one criticism of this product and that is, there’s no guide to the contents. So you really need go through it all and make your own.On the plus side, having done that, you’ll have reviewed everything once and know where to go back to, when you really need it.And, there is a lot of solid information on getting started, provided in the Kit, that is worth reviewing several times to get the most benefit from it. Plus many useful ways to further improve your business once it is running.Overall, the Internet Business Start Up Kit provides sound, practical step by step guidance, well laid out and explained for anyone without previous internet business experience.It contains everything needed to get an Internet Business up and running, set out in a clear and comprehensive way and, at £79.95 is definitely worth considering.Now, if you’re thinking of buying an all-in-one guide to setting up an internet marketing business, use this information to help your comparison.And whichever one you’re considering, bear these four important points in mind.1. Check that it covers all the elements you need, including the how, why and when, of what to do at each stage of creating your online business.
2. Check out the people involved. Forums and blogs are a good way to find out what sort of reputation they have.
3. Don’t just believe the sales letter. It’s really good to get a personal recommendation.
4. Check out any guarantees offered. Products often have some form of money back guarantee period, like the Internet Business Start Up Kit.So, however you choose to find the information you need, I wish you every success with your online marketing business.And, remember, it all happens when you take that first step!